House Insurance FAQ

Q: What is buildings insurance?
A: Buildings insurance covers anything that you cannot usually take away with you if you move home.  These include the structure of your home including domestic outbuildings and any fixtures or fittings.

Q: How much buildings cover should I have?
A: You should insure your home for the rebuilding cost and this is the reinstatement value. You can find the home-building cost figures in the Guide to House Rebuilding Insurance available from the Society of Chartered Surveyors value of your property.

Q: What is contents insurance?
Contents insurance covers household goods and personal effects belonging to you or belonging to members of your household and domestic employees permanently residing with you, all in the private house and domestic outbuildings.

Q: How much contents cover should I have?
A: You should insure your contents for the amount it would cost you to replace them if they were stolen or damaged.

Q: What is accidental damage?
A: Accidental damage covers accidental events giving rise to a loss for example a spillage on your carpet or if you or a member of your household hammers a nail into a pipe.

Q: Is accidental damage covered under buildings insurance?
A: This is not a standard cover with all insurers- Please specify if you require this cover or not and we will include same  in your quote.

Q: Is accidental damage covered under my contents insurance?
You may opt to pay for accidental damage cover on all your contents within the home for owner occupied properties only.

Q: What is all risks cover?
A: All risks cover protects against loss, theft of, or accidental damage to items outside your home as well as in, items such as jewellery, photographic equipment, personal effects, clothing and sports equipment. IMPORTANT- this is an optional cover- please ask if you require this to be included in your quotation.

Q: Will I need to provide a valuation for specified items covered in the all risks section?
A: Yes a valuation will be required for items over certain values- we will point this out to you should this be required.

Q: Is this a new for old policy?
A: Yes this policy is on a new for old basis subject to the terms and conditions of the policy.

Q: What is an excess?
A: The excess is the amount of each claim that you will have to pay for yourself.  The policy excess  may vary from policy to policy- we would urge you to check this policy excess before you take out your policy to avoid any confusion in the event of a claim.

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